My patients have benefited enormously from nutritional counseling with Dr. Richard Kowal. He is extremely well versed in his field and patients find him clear and concise. In fact, I've benefited myself and now find that I include "nutritional thinking" in my own patient care. I can recommend Dr. Richard Kowal to all physicians and patients with complete confidence and real enthusiasm.

Joel Confino, M.D.

I have worked with Richard Kowal for the past 15 years and I have found his input into my practice invaluable in terms of my obese patients losing weight, irritable bowel patients obtaining symptomatic relief, managing lipid disorders, insulin resistance and diabetes. I believe every Internal Medicine practice should be associated with a nutritionist of Dr. Kowal's caliber. I would personally refer anyone to him.

Carol Diamond, M.D.
Internal Medicine

I searched for a talented nutritionist for several years before I settled on Dr. Richard Kowal. He helps patients make significant gains in risk reduction and improved body composition. He understands the science behind his field and he knows how to integrate his strategies with standard therapies.

Bernard Burack, M.D.